I have been loving the turban headband trend that's been happening the last few years and wanted to recreate in an easy to sew way.
 I had a scrap piece of this gorgeous print left over from other projects that I thought would be absolutely perfect! 

Even if you have had little to no experience with sewing, this project is something that can be made in about 15 minutes! Also makes a fabulous last minute gift idea :) 

Happy Creating :)

Melanie oxoxox

  • 1/4 Meter of Stretch Fabric
  • Small Piece Contrast Fabric (Optional) 
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
The math for this project is really simple. Take your head circumference and minus 1". You want the headband to be a little snug so that it stays in place! 

For me, my head is 22.5" around so my band piece needs to be 21". The width can anything you like, for this one I chose 10.5"

You will need a smaller rectangle cut out to 5.5" long 4.5" wide. This is for the bow portion. 
Fold your headband piece in half lengthwise and sew together using a zig zag stitch so that it will stretch. 
Turn it right side out and center your long seam in the middle of your band. 
Fold in half again, this time widthwise and zig zag together to make your headband. 
Take your smaller rectangle piece and fold it together lengthwise and zig zag down. Flip so that the seam is to the inside. 
With the seam facing to the outside, wrap your bow around your headband centering it over your headband seam. Sew this closed. 
Flip this bow piece around so that all your seams are facing inside and hidden from view. 


Mary Beth
01/20/2016 3:21pm

Love a simple project to use up small pieces of fabric!


That is beautiful and very creative idea of the headband to make at home. Your sewing skills are really great and you have wonderful creative ideas. That is quite easy way to make the headband at home through the help of your tutorial. I appreciate your effort keep sharing new DIY creative ideas.

02/12/2017 9:41pm

This is amazing DIY tips. I love turban headband. Your blog has a very unique and amazing idea. Every information on how to make a turban headband is very clear and detailed. The instructions are so easy to understand. This is so very creative idea that can other people also do. I would love to try this amazing tips on how to make a beautiful turban headband. I will share this information with my family and friends. I hope they will love it to.


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