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Today I wanted to share this DIY Stretchy knit top tutorial. Lately anytime I need to update my wardrobe, it's been easier to whip something up at home rather than take the kiddies to the store. The thing I love about this project is you don't need a pattern just use a top you already own! 

Items needed for this tutorial is a shirt that you like and 1 Meter of Stretch Fabric. I used my serger to sew this top but you can make this top on your regular machine using a stretch stitch. 

Hope you enjoy! 
Melanie oxoxo

1 Meter of Stretch Fabric (Knit) 
Fabric Marker 
Measuring tape 

To make this top use a favourite skirt that you own and fold it in half exactly. 
Next you will want to lay out your fabric so that you have two layers and a fold. Match up your top to the folded edge of your fabric.
Using a fabric marker trace around the body of your top and sleeve. You will need to need to do this twice so that you have a two sleeves and two body pieces. 

Making the Front Neckline

To make the scoop for your front neck. Measure on your original top how low your front neck curve goes. Carry this measurement over to one of your traced out pieces and mirror the curve as best you can. You can choose to make this measurement smaller or bigger depending on how low you want your neckline to be! 

Creating the Neck Binding

To create a neck binding you need to find out what your total neckline measurement is. 

First start out by measuring your front neckline along with your back neckline imitating the pictures above. 

Front Neckline = 7"
Back Neckline = 3.5" 

Add those two measurements together:
7 + 3.5= 10.5

Double your answer and subtract 1.5" 
10.5 x 2 = 21" 

21" - 1.5" = 19.5" 
I chose to make my binding 3.5" wide so my finished neckline binding piece measured: 3.5"x 19.5" 
Fold your binding in half length wise and sew together along the short edge. 
Next fold your binding in half lengthwise and press. Set this aside for a bit and continue working on the top. 
Right sides together sew your top at the side seams and the shoulder seams. 
Next step is applying the binding to your neckline. Lining up all raw edges, match the binding seam to the center back of your neckline and pin. Find the exact opposite spot of your binding and match that with the center front of your neckline. 

Start sewing the binding in place making sure to stretch the binding evenly as you sew along. The stretching while sewing is very important to have your binding sit correctly when finished.  


Serge or Zig-Zag the bottom edge of both your sleeve pieces. Its easier to do this step now while your sleeve is flat. 
Fold in half right sides together and sew along the underarm seam. 
While still folded make a tiny notch at the top of your sleeve cap right in the center. 
Match up the notch with the shoulder seam of your armhole. Match up the underarm seam with your side seam and pin.

Sew your sleeve in place stretching slightly to ensure that all the layers fit nicely together. Repeat for both sleeves :) 
Almost done! Serge or Zig-zag your hem and fold 1" up and press. Zig-zag your hem in place. Repeat for both sleeve hems. 


09/23/2016 12:43am

Love it! Thank you.

02/17/2017 7:47am

This is a lovely knit top! You really have great sewing skills. I will definitely try doing this. I hope it would turn okay. I like the fact that it's body-hugging. I really love this. Thank you for this tutorial. Keep blogging!


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