Hey everyone! 

One of my most favourite things about fall is pumpkins :) And I thought how cute would a fabric pumpkin be?? So I got to work and drafted is quick little tutorial and pattern that you can make in a few different sizes! I hope you enjoy and have the most wonderful fally fall sewing day! 


Hi Everyone!! 

OMG, it's been months :( I could give you a long list of everything I've been doing lately but it's really boring and mostly made up of little kids, work and a hot summer.

So let's just jump right to the good stuff here! I've been meaning to post this pattern for so long now, but I really needed to create a cute tutorial to go with it! And low and behold this morning it was a cool, windy perfect fall day and I thought I NEED a fall dress!!! SO here it is it! Fresh off my sewing machine and I love love love it. 

I added the sleeves to this tutorial and needed to mention that they are not included in the free pattern. I know, I know, super annoying. I was making this dress and was so inspired to add a 3/4 length sleeve, and you know once inspiration hits, it's so hard to ignore. Now don't worry, this dress would be perfect without the sleeves. Add a chunky knit cardi and you are good to run out the door. If you do want to add the sleeve there is a link to the sleeve pattern below (It's $2.20 and gives you three sleeve options that go with this dress) 

So away with you to the sewing machine! I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do. It's a super trendy wardrobe piece, very fitted.... and I'm not going to lie, there are a pair of Spanx under that dress. . . I mean I do not have the confidence yet to show what two babies gave me. 

Happy Sewing!!


Happy belated long weekend to all my fellow Canadians as well as my birthday buddies the USA! 

So excited to be updating you all with some exciting news and updates. It's been a busy year outside of the blog. We have welcomed a new baby to The Littlest Studio family, bought our first home and moved closer to family! My attention as been on settling into our new life and routine. BUT I'm so happy to be getting back into the grove of updating the website and working on new patterns! 

First and foremost, I have made some changes to my most popular two patterns. I have listened to your comments and feedback and as always take everything you say, however minor and apply it to my work. I always want to improve and provide you with the easiest way to make garments as possible. 

Some updates you will have noticed:
The Circle Skirt Pattern as been resized to better suit knit fabrics. 

The Bodice Pattern now includes easy to find links that will take you to helpful blog posts and fabric recommendations! 

The Bodice pattern has been lengthened to better fit most figures.

Also the Bodice Pattern now includes sewing and cutting instructions within the file itself, saving you the trouble of having visit the website for that information. 

Soooooo I'm just going to put this here:
 In thanks for your continued support, comments and visits I will be releasing a new FREE Dress pattern in the coming weeks! This pattern is an exciting edition to The Littlest Studio pattern collection and will of course coordinate with the Assorted Sleeve Block Pattern.



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Hi everyone! 

Remember me??
It's been such a long time since I've been on here and it feels sooooo good to be back!

I just wanted to provide an update to what's been going on, and why there hasn't been as many posts as usual! The reason is that my family and I have bought a house and moved! We are so excited to start this new chapter. We have been taking some time getting our little house set up and settling in. Since I was running this blog out of a tiny little apartment, it feels amazing to actually have some space. This will mean there will be more tutorials, more patterns and more posting! It might take a little while, as we continue to set up but I'm anxious to get started! 

I wanted to thank all my readers for your continued support during this quieter time. I can't believe but even though I haven't been posting, you are visiting this site more than ever! So thank you so much for reading and sharing your projects!! 
I'll be sure to keep you updated and can't wait to share my new ideas and projects with you.

Happy Sewing!!!

It's been so busy around there. Life with two little ones is catching up with me! There will be lots of changes happening around here in the next month so forgive me if I'm not updating as much as I usually do! But don't worry I will be back full force with new patterns, better tutorials and some fantastic ideas for summer sewing! 

With that being said, here is something that I promised weeks ago! Finally I managed to edit these photos and write up the instructions. I'm so excited with how this skirt turned out! I love how grownup and elegant it is and feel that this is a very "Pinterest-y" feel to it! 

Amazing for festival season. Crop tops are everywhere!! They are super trendy and this tutorial shows you how it's soo easy.  I think it took me 1/2 hour in total to make this and it totally looks Instagram worthy.  You could wear this with pants or shorts for a casual look or pair it up with a matching pencil skirt for a classy yet fun look! 
This would look incredible in a lace or floral fabric, and I'm drooling over the idea of a suede fringe trim!

I've had this idea for a bow or a tie detail on a pencil skirt. I originally wanted to add a full bow but it turned out to be chunky and overpowering. I fiddled around until I found the perfect way to create the same effect with this tutorial. Instead of an actual bow, this technique adds the elegance of a bow without the bulk!
This skirt is feminine but not to girly. And it's soooo easy to achieve. You can make this in any colour you like, I do recommend a solid colour rather than a print so that the bow detail can stand out!


Hey Everyone! 

One of my goals with the Basic Knit Bodice was to create a collection of pattern pieces that you can mix and match with each other! My first official addition is 3 styles of knit sleeves! It is available for purchase here, and it such a fantastic addition to any pattern collection. Believe me when I say that this pattern is incredibly useful and I can't wait to feature it in lots of amazing dress tutorials in the future! 

Now about this tutorial:
My new found fabric love is scuba knit! So soft and REALLY comfortable to wear. It's thick enough that it smooths over an lumps and bumps you might want to hide which is always a bonus ;) You can make this dress with any medium weight knit (stretch) fabric and it really does flatter any body type! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!!!!


To me linen just screams spring and summer. I love this simple layered skirt style. It is perfect for any age. You could make this skirt in any woven fabric and any length you want. I'm convinced a maxi version of this style would be amazing! 

Happy Sewing! 

Melanie oxoxox

Love the look of the this pleated makeup bag. I find projects like this to be instance gratification, you spend a few minutes are your sewing machine and suddenly you have created something beautiful.You can use really an medium weight fabric such canvas, linen, satin even. The fusible interfacing adds a professional feel to the whole bag. It's really one of my favourite projects to make and it's so perfect for Mother's Day. It is currently for sale on my Craftsy Pattern Store.  

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Sewing 

Melanie oxoxox